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C-sight Studio

Discover C-Sight Studio – your destination for growth, empowerment, and transformation. We offer a holistic approach to psychological counselling and business mentorship, valuing multicultural experiences and societal innovation. Our primary purpose? To guide you towards inner peace, confidence, and success, while championing the sustainable growth of our community.

C-Sight began as the Life-thinker Club, founded by Daisy in Shanghai, China, on September 10th, 2014. In late 2017, Daisy introduced the C-sight Spirit and life-long learning methodology to Saskatoon. Since then, she's been providing personal coaching for youth, entrepreneurship development, and mental health counseling services at C-Sight Studio in Canada.

About Daisy, the founder of C-Sight Studio:

  • Professional Experience:

    • Over 20 years in business and entrepreneurship.

    • A decade of academic research, blending business acumen with academic insights.

    • Proven expertise in organization development, strategy management, leadership, entrepreneurship, and social innovation design.

    • ICF-certified PCC level coach with 5 years of intensive practice (3000+ hours, 300+ clients,10+ organizations, ). Canadian Certified Counsellor with above 500 hours of practicum practice.

    • Executive coaching and management consulting for enterprises, NGOs, and now including psychological counselling services.

  • Education:

    • MA. in Counselling Psychology (Yorkville, Canada).

    • MSc in Organizational and Social Psychology (LSE, UK).

    • Ph.D. and B.S. in Management (Fudan, China).

  • Publications & Research: Interdisciplinary research on sustainable development, social entrepreneurship, innovation, and organizational psychology. Published works in China and the U.S.

  • Community Engagement:

    • Over 15 years of volunteer work.

    • Leadership roles in NGOs like Youwei Library, Adream Charitable Foundation, International Women of Saskatoon, and Canadian Psychology Association - Asian Psychology Section.

    • Mentorship programs, accolades including the Junior Achievement 5-year Achievement Award, and Top 10 Mentor Award from Enactus China.

  • Projects & Initiatives:

    • Strategy planning and sustainable development for Touchstone Enterprise Ltd.

    • Founder of C-sight Life Thinker Club in 2014, creator of the 1st JOB Program for youth, and initiator of Adream Curriculum 2.0 System and 1st Social Value Cooperation Best Case Award in China.

    • Collaborations with educational institutions in UK, China, U.S, and Canada.


Daisy brings a dynamic energy to all her endeavors, thriving on co-creation and sustainable system-building. She possesses a robust multicultural competence and leadership derived from her global engagements. For a more detailed overview of her professional journey, feel free to visit Daisy's LinkedIn page.

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Studio Location: 

260 - 4019 Aronec Ave. Saskatoon, SK, S7P0E1

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